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- Dr. Mario Dumitrascu, M.D.
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  • Harder, bigger and longer lasting erections*
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Public Notification: Vimax Contains Hidden Drug Ingredient – FDA

UPDATE:[9-4-2015] The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use Vimax, a product promoted for sexual enhancement. This product was identified by FDA during an examination of international mail shipments.

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Tired of low sexual desire and a less-than-pleasing erection size? The world’s leading sexual enhancing supplement is back with a new formula – Vimax. This is the one product that every man needs to be able to finally increase their virility and sustain the long intercourse needed to truly please her. Don’t take our word for it, there are over 1 million men that have vouched for Vimax pills. What makes this supplement better than the competition? Let’s take a look.

What Vimax Offers

  • Desire: Getting into the mood is half the battle. With this pill, users are instantly more sexual and have the desire to have sex that they thought they lost. This is the first step in improving your sex life.
  • Endurance: With low desire comes a fast, less prolonged session. This is quickly changed as the active ingredients provide a person with a burst of energy that allows them to last until both parties are satisfied.
  • Size: While women say, “size doesn’t matter” every man knows this is not the truth. Active ingredients ensure that a man’s erection is to its full potential and can even increase a man’s overall size.

Stick to your regimen, take the pill every day, and Vimax will not disappoint, with no side-effects and a 95% success rate men says. Proven track record of helping men dramatically improve their sexual life.

Is the Vimax Safe For Me?

vimax Herbal This is all done without pumps or any other uncomfortable methods that you may have tried in the past. In fact, Vimax is 100 percent natural. All of the ingredients found on the bottle are in their natural state. Every ingredient has sexual benefits that ensure that this product works with prolonged usage.

While there are a few other natural ingredients, these are the ones that every person with a low sex drive must have. This ensures that the body is fed all of the nutrients and minerals that it needs to naturally increase a person’s sex drive. No longer do you have to look her in the eye because you simply cannot get stimulated. With Vimax, your sexual desire will match that of a teenager.

Vimax Pills Clinical Test Result!

Vimax Pills are manufactured in an FDA-Approved Facility. So you can rest assured about the quality of product. That's why no other penis enhancement pills on the market can compare to Vimax.

Many men that have suffered with a low sex drive have found that this has been their only means of restoring the virility that they have lost. When you buy Vimax pills, you will begin noticing the effects within a week. Most users will indicate that they have reached their full potential within just 9 weeks where they not only last longer, but they have rejuvenated their sex drive. If you are having trouble with your virility, Vimax is the answer.


Our Study Results Showed:

  • • 85% of Men report increase in ability to maintain erection.
  • • 88% of Men report an Increase in Libido
  • • 82% of Men report better performance in bed.
  • • 91% of Men report more pleasure & intense orgasms.
*Please note that we recommend you take Vimax for a minimum period of 4 months before start experiencing maximum effects.

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